GStreamer Conference 2015

This year the GStreamer conference will occur at Dublin, Ireland, the 8th and 9th October. I will attend this year again, and I will present a new project that we started during the last months at SoftAtHome : HeliosTv.

This project is a base component that aims at simplifying the integration of the different components of a DVB stack, and allowing to implement each component in a distributed way with any programming language. It is composed of a server that provides the DVB data (a transport stream or sections), and a client library that is used to receive these data. This is the first software that we publish as open source software.

The server is based on GStreamer. It is designed to allow replacing the existing software elements with hardware ones that can be written on top of the drivers available on a SetTopBox. The client library is implemented in C++ and is not using GStreamer. This makes it possible to write client applications that do not use GStreamer. Moreover the client and server communicate via a documented protocol, so that client libraries can be written in other languages in the future : receiving DVB data in an Android or iOS application will be very easy!

See you there.