IoT Technical Report #4


Welcome to the fourth edition of the IoT Technical Report, a monthly selection of technology news on the IoT world. You will find here the most relevant discoveries and publications in the following domains : Machine learning, distributed systems, energy, embedded systems, and hardware. You will also find this report on my twitter account.

This Mega-Sensor Makes the Whole Room Smart

Researchers combined a bunch of different sensors into one small device that can monitor all kinds of activities. Gierad Laput wants to make homes smarter without forcing you to buy a bunch of sensor-laden, Internet-connected appliances.

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New device can harvest indoor light to power electronics

We spend a fair bit of energy creating stray electromagnetic fields in order to make sure our cellular and WiFi devices are constantly fed with data. Every now and again, someone suggests that there must be a way to harvest these fields in order to charge our devices wirelessly.

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A Seemingly Simple Tweak Unlocks Google Home’s Full Potential

Voice-powered speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home have carved out a place on kitchen counters and nightstands in countless homes. What makes their immense popularity all the more remarkable is that they’ve achieved it without a key feature: Knowing exactly who’s talking.

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A Sense of Hearing Could Make Cars Safer and More Reliable

Most car owners know what it’s like to hear a new clink or grinding noise coming from the engine and wonder how costly the fix will be. Startup OtoSense is working with major automakers on software that could give cars their own sense of hearing to diagnose themselves before any problem gets too expensive.

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Battle to Provide Chips for the AI Boom Heats Up

Chip maker Nvidia leads the race to power the machine-learning gold rush, but competition is coming from tech giants and startups.

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