WebOS profile setup via wifi

Configuring the WebOS profile through wifi is a little bit tricky since the first-launch application does not allow to configure wifi before creating the profile. Here are the few steps needed to do this.

  • Enable developer mode if the device was already activated on another profile, or use MetaDoctor to flash a firmware with developer mode enabled.
  • Once the device is started, launch a shell on it via novaterm.
  • On the shell, type touch /var/luna/preferences/ran-first-use to bypass the start of the first-launch application.
  • Type pkill LunaSysMgr to restart luna (the ui environment). The device should start without first-launch being started.
  • Enable wifi.
  • On the shell, type rm /var/luna/preferences/ran-first-use
  • Type pkill LunaSysMgr to restart luna. first-launch should start prompting to create a new profile. This is now possible since the wifi connection is ready.
  • Create a new profile